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ASFL2 Money Leagues News

Newsletter #24
12:03 AM ET on 6/25/15 by Jay Soester
Newsletter #24 is now out. It covers the seven games available plus the three football money leagues and the potential for money league pools with the pickem games in the fall. I also mentioned my planned/hoped website improvements.

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Money Leagues NCAA Tournament Winnings
12:09 AM ET on 4/15/15 by Jay Soester
Congrats to Chris Prentice for taking the top spot in our ASFL2 Money Leagues $5 NCAA Tournament Pickem Pool.

Prentice's winning total of 107 was the best total since the scoring changed in 2012 and earned him $207. He edged out last year's champ, Thomas Courtney, and Joseph Alperto at 103 points. Courtney won the tiebreaker for the second spot and $55 while Alperto settled for $27.50. This is Courtney's second season in a row finishing in second place. John Tabaska (101 points), Todd Pfander (99), Brandon Moore (99), and Robert Goldenberg (98) finished fourth through seventh to earn their entry fee back for finishing in the top 10% of the 73 paid entries, but outside of the top three. Had Wisconsin won the championship game, Courtney would have topped the pool with Tabaska in second and Pfander in third.

First Place: Chris Prentice ($207)
Second Place: Thomas Courtney ($55)
Third Place: Joseph Alperto ($27.50)
4th Place: John Tabaska ($5)
5th Place: Todd Pfander ($5)
6th Place: Brandon Moore ($5)
7th Place: Robert Goldenberg ($5)

Thank you to everyone that participated.

Tags: Standings_Update, Money_Leagues_NCAA_Tournament_Pickem, Money_Leagues_Winnings
Newsletter #23
10:12 PM ET on 3/17/15 by Jay Soester
Newsletter #23 is now available. It covers the nine games available, and the two Fantasy Baseball Money Leagues as well as our $5 NCAA Tournament Pickem Pool. Please use this thread or email me with any questions about the newsletter.

Tags: Newsletters, Games_Available, Fantasy_Golf, Fantasy_NASCAR, Fantasy_Baseball, NCAA_Tournament_Pickem, Fantasy_MLS, Fantasy_Premier_League, Premier_League_Pickem, MLB_Day-to-Day_Pickem, Fantasy_Formula_1, ASFL2_Fantasy_Games, Money_Leagues, Fantasy_Baseball_Money_Leagues, NCAA_Tournament_Pickem_Money_Leagues, Talk, News, Sports_Talk

MLB Day-to-Day Pickem Available
12:56 PM ET on 3/15/15 by Jay Soester
The original ASFL2 Fantasy Game, MLB Day-to-Day Pickem is back after a one year hiatus. Pick one team to win each day through the MLB regular season. You get points for correct picks and lose points for incorrect picks with correct pick streaks gaining more points as you go. The only catch is you can't pick the same team to win more than twice in a given game week.

For those that haven't taken part in any previous incarnations of the game, I suggest starting out with the rules page. The number of playoff qualifiers won't be determined until I have a feel for how many participants there will be, but I don't anticipate changing from the usual 25.

I need a volunteer to set and announce the DMUs each week and I'll need multiple volunteers to help update scores through the season. If you're interested, please reply to the game thread.

Please let me know of any issues with the game immediately via email or the game thread.

Other Games Available:
Premier League Pickem
Fantasy F1

Fantasy Golf (ID: 3312/Password: 123456)
Fantasy NASCAR (ID: 12436/Password: 123456)
Fantasy Baseball
NCAA Tournament Pickem (ID: 34838/Passord: 123456)
Fantasy MLS (ID: 157/Password: 58xbf4z)
Fantasy Premier League (ID: 14923/Password: buouq5z)

We also have two options to in money:
$5 NCAA Tournament Pickem
$25 Fantasy Baseball - Currently two leagues that may be combined into one.

Our Money Leagues can be paid for via PayPal to

Tags: Games_Available, MLB_Day-to-Day_Pickem, Premier_League_Pickem, Fantasy_F1, ASFL2_Fantasy_Games, Fantasy_Golf, Fantasy_NASCAR, NCAA_Tournament_Pickem, Fantasy_Baseball, Fantasy_MLS, Fantasy_Premier_League
Fantasy Baseball Money Leagues
11:04 PM ET on 2/10/15 by Jay Soester
I've made two $25 Fantasy Baseball Money Leagues available. I'll need at least eight teams in each to go through with the leagues. If you're interested, click the links below to join.

League 1 - Draft at 5:15 PM ET on Saturday, March 28th
League 2 - Draft at 3 PM ET on Saturday, April 4th

The official ASFL2 Money Leagues Fantasy Baseball rules are here, but can be collectively changed between everyone participating in a given league. The draft times are changeable as well, if you'd like to suggest any changes, please reply to the game thread.

I can accept payments via PayPal at or via check, in which case I can email you the address.

Tags: Games_Available, Fantasy_Baseball, Money_Leagues, Fantasy_Baseball_Money_Leagues
Money Leagues NCAA Tournament Winnings
4:18 PM ET on 4/19/14 by Jay Soester
Congrats to Tom Courtney for taking the top two spots in our ASFL2 Money Leagues $5 NCAA Tournament Pickem Pool. It's the first time in the history of the game that someone has taken the top two spots in a pool.

Courtney's winning total was just 79 points, still five more than his second place entry. David Kise was tied for second, but officially third, with 74 points as well. Only two other brackets reached the 70 point mark. Only five of 31 entries had two Final Four participants and none had a team in the Championship.

First Place: Tom Courtney ($93)
Second Place: Tom Courtney ($31)
Third Place: David Kise ($15.50)

Thank you to everyone that participated. Winnings have been sent via PayPal.

Tags: Standings_Update, Money_Leagues_NCAA_Tournament_Pickem, Money_Leagues_Winnings
NCAA Tournament Pickem Available
9:08 PM ET on 3/17/14 by Jay Soester
The ASFL2 NCAA Tournament Pickem group is now available.

The ID is 9119 and the password is 123456. I've also emailed invites to everyone from last season.

Remember the scoring format is 1-2-4-6-8-10, not the traditional format.

I'm aware of the problem some have had with Yahoo!'s registration process requiring a telephone number. The game thread on the league message board will be updated with developments in that regard. You can track Yahoo!'s twitter help feed (and tweet to them with problems) as well as their help Facebook page.

I'm open to having a $5 NCAA Tournament Pickem pool, if enough interest is shown in the next 24 hours. I won't have time to advertize for it. Please let me know if you're interested and join the group on Yahoo!. The scoring format is the same as for our main competition group. The payout information can be found here. There won't be a $1 pool.

Tags: Games_Available, NCAA_Tournament, ASFL2_Money_Leagues

NCAA Tournament Pickem Available
12:29 AM ET on 3/12/13 by Jay Soester
NCAA Tournament Pickem is now available on Yahoo!, our group ID is 340 and the password is 123456.

We also have a $1 and $5 pool available. To participate, fill out this form then join the appropriate group. The ID for our $1 group is 386 and the ID for our $5 group is 356, the password for both is 123456. I can accept payments via PayPal to Please use the "Personal" tab then the "payment owed" button to avoid transaction fees. The winnings breakdown can be found here. The top 10% are guaranteed to earn back their entry fee.

All ASFL2 groups follow 1-2-4-6-8-10 scoring.

Other Available Games:
Fantasy Golf (ID: 830/Password: 123456)
Fantasy NASCAR (ID: 1749/Password: 123456)
Fantasy Baseball (Draft Times)

MLB Day-to-Day Pickem
Fantasy Tennis
Fantasy Formula 1

Tags: Games_Available, NCAA_Tournament_Pickem, Money_Leagues_Tournament_Pickem, NCAA_Tournament_Pickem_$1_Pools, NCAA_Tournament_Pickem_$5_Pools, Fantasy_Golf, Fantasy_NASCAR, Fantasy_Baseball, MLB_Day-to-Day_Pickem
Super Bowl Pool Results
2:07 AM ET on 2/4/13 by Jay Soester
Results for all four of 2013's Super Bowl Pools are now available. In a show of good faith, I've waived the competition rule stipulating that 3% of the pot goes toward covering costs associated for each pool where the house had a winning square (that applies to all pools aside from pool #1).

Congrats to all who saw their box result in a return on their investment. I will begin sending winnings out on Monday via PayPal. Unfortunately, more than $500 was at stake, but I can only send out $500 per month based on PayPal guidelines, as a result, some will likely receive their winnings in March.

Pool 1:
1Q: Chad Luik ($57.61)
2Q: Bobby Boyce ($96.01)
3Q: Bobby Boyce ($57.61)
4Q: Trevor Rubly ($172.82)

Pool 2:
1Q: House ($51)
2Q: Jon Klaybor ($85)
3Q: Nick Alicea ($51)
4Q: Chad Luik ($153)

Pool 3:
1Q: House ($10.20)
2Q: Tom Courtney ($17.00)
3Q: Brad Wilson ($10.20)
4Q: Bobby Boyce ($30.60)

Pool 4:
1Q: Steve Wilken ($10.20)
2Q: Tom Courtney ($17.00)
3Q: House ($10.20)
4Q: Tom Courtney ($30.60)

NCAA Tournament Pickem entries will hopefully be set up in a week or so. Fantasy Golf will be updated Monday afternoon or evening.

Tags: Game_Results, Money_Leagues_Super_Bowl_Pools, Money_Leagues_Winnings
Money Leagues Pools Set
6:33 PM ET on 2/3/13 by Jay Soester
Things are now set for our four pools:

Pool #1 (Odds-Based)
Pool #2 ($5, Randomized)
Pool #3 ($1, Randomized)
Pool #4 ($1, Randomized)

In pool #2, [2,6] & [8,4] are actually Bobby Boyce's...he signed up as I cut things off.

I'm heading out for the Super Bowl, everything will be updated when I get back.

Tags: Games_Available, Money_Leagues_Super_Bowl_Pools
Super Bowl Update
2:35 PM ET on 2/3/13 by Jay Soester
With the big game about four hours away, there are currently 59 $5 boxes accounted for and 127 $1 boxes paid for. As things stand, the $5 pool would stick with 59 boxes while there would be two $1 pools with 63 and 64 squares accounted for. It's not too late to participate, simply fill out this form and then use PayPal's "Personal" tab then "payment owed" button to send your entry fee.

There are currently 18 boxes left in our odds-based pool with the pot currently at $382.69.

Winnings are paid out as 15% of the pot for the box corresponding to the 1st and 3rd quarter scores. The halftime box gets 25% and the final score box gets 45% of the pot.

While I'm reminding you about Super Bowl deadlines, the deadline to submit your final lineup for Fantasy NFL Playoffs is 6:27 PM ET tonight. Make sure you don't try to select a player you've already used.

Tags: Games_Available, Money_Leagues_Super_Bowl_Pools, League_Designations, Odds-Based_Super_Bowl_Pool, Randomized_Super_Bowl_Pool, Fantasy_NFL_Playoffs, ASFL2_Fantasy_Games
Super Bowl Pools Update/Last Call
2:16 AM ET on 2/3/13 by Jay Soester
The Super Bowl is roughly 16 and a half hours away and there's still room for more boxes in our Super Bowl Pools.

There are currently 25 boxes available in our odds-based pool. To purchase a box, simply click the price link in it and fill out the form.

Our $5 randomized pool has 32 boxes paid for while our $1 pool has 70 paid for. If the $5 pool doesn't get to 50 boxes paid, each box paid for will be turned into five, $1 boxes. Should that happen, all participants boxes will be spread out as evenly as possible between the number of pools created. To sign up for a randomized pool, fill out this form, then pay via PayPal to Make sure you use the "Personal" tab and the "payment owed" button to avoid transaction fees.

I anticipate beginning to set up the randomized pools at 5 PM ET or a bit earlier, make sure you get your purchases as far in advance of that as possible. Those that do purchase boxes should begin to watch their inbox and the website for information on their box allocations around that time. Odds-Based purchases will be taken up to 6:30 PM ET.

Tags: Games_Available, Money_Leagues_Super_Bowl_Pools, League_Designations, Odds-Based_Super_Bowl_Pool, Randomized_Super_Bowl_Pool
Super Bowl Pools Available
2:21 AM ET on 1/22/13 by Jay Soester
The first pool, the third edition of our odds-based pool is now available and updated to reflect the results from last year's Super Bowl. It's a $5-base pool with up to $514.50 at stake. For those unfamiliar with Super Bowl Pools, you can read an explanation here. If your box is the winning box after the first or third quarter, you'll receive 15% of the prize money, if any of your boxes is the winning box at halftime, you'll receive 25%, and if your box is the winning box at the end of the game you receive 45% of the prize money. If you're looking for statistics on score frequencies from this season, what you're looking for has been in the NFL Pickem Stats section this whole time.

Pick your box before someone beats you to it. I'm offering one free $0.50 box for each $5 worth of boxes you purchase up until Friday night (1/25) at 11:59 PM ET, while the $0.50 boxes are still available (there are 29). Last season saw Douglas Hansen win 15% of the pot when a $0.50 box (AFC 7, NFC 5) came up at the end of the third quarter.

To purchase a box, click the link in the box you'd like to purchase then fill out the form and send your money via PayPal, Western Union or check. If you use PayPal, make sure you choose the "Personal" tab then the "payment owed" button to avoid transaction fees. Instructions on where to send your check are given upon completion of the form. For Western Union, email me directly.

We also have traditional, randomized pools available. You can sign up for as many $1 and/or $5 boxes as you'd like via this form. Use the "other notes" section to say whether or not you'd be willing to switch pools with your entry(/ies) should there not be enough entries in either type of pool. If you're unfamiliar with the traditional Super Bowl Pool (or Squares), check out the rules.

A minimum of 50% of the available boxes have to be accounted for in any of our pools to go ahead.

Tags: Games_Available, Money_Leagues_Super_Bowl_Pools, League_Designations, Odds-Based_Super_Bowl_Pool, Randomized_Super_Bowl_Pool
Newsletter #21
3:55 AM ET on 1/5/13 by Jay Soester
Newsletter #21 is now available. It covers the new league survey, the six games available, our first Super Bowl Pools, updating game results, and it has an update about the NHL lockout situation. Please use this thread or with any questions about the newsletter.

Tags: Newsletters, Review_Survey, League_Survey, Website_Features, League_Features, ASFL2_Website, ASFL2_Fantasy_Games, Unofficial_Games, ASFL2_Membership, Sign_Up, Unofficial_Games, Bonus_Points, ASFL2_News, Rules, Games_Available, Fantasy_Golf, NFL_Playoffs_Pickem, Fantasy_NFL_Playoffs, Fantasy_Hockey, Premier_League_Pickem, Fantasy_Tennis, League_Message_Board, Keeper_Leagues_Fantasy_Hockey, Game_Results, Money_Leagues_Super_Bowl_Pools, Randomized_Super_Bowl_Pool
2013 League Survey
2:32 AM ET on 1/3/13 by Jay Soester
In a throw back to the earlier days of the league, I've put together a survey that I hope everyone will participate in. I've set up a database to catch the submissions to make determining the results (and subsequently, announcing them) a lot easier.

The sections with a light blue header and the section titled, "Membership Levels" are incredibly important (and the mini-section in between).

You can submit the survey again after the first time, simply use the same password. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread.

I pray to get a newsletter out Thursday before it's too late for Fantasy Golf, but I'm not remotely optimistic.

The first deadline of the Fantasy Golf season is 5 AM on Friday (roughly 26.5 hours away as I type this). If you're not already in one of our groups, please join: ID- 829/Password- 123456. Don't forget about NFL Playoffs Pickem and Fantasy NFL Playoffs as well.

Tags: Review_Survey, League_Survey, Website_Features, League_Features, ASFL2_Website, ASFL2_Fantasy_Games, Unofficial_Games, ASFL2_Membership, Sign_Up, Unofficial_Games, Bonus_Points, ASFL2_News, Rules, Newsletters, Games_Available, Fantasy_Golf, NFL_Playoffs_Pickem, Fantasy_NFL_Playoffs
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