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ASFL2 - Sign Up - Step 1 (of 4), League Intro

If you're thinking about signing up, chances are you've participated in at least one fantasy game previously. In that game, your final ranking was likely based on a point total or head-to-head results. The All-Sports Fantasy League (ASFL2) gives championship points based on those final game rankings in our various official games. There are currently 24 official games that factor into the ASFL2 championship standings along with a percentage of bonus points earned (more on bonus points in a moment). At the end of each ASFL2 season each member's point total from their performance in each game is totalled up to determine the ASFL2 champion. The games are tiered with different point weights for each game based on popularity and difficulty. With a goal of moving the fantasy games we use from Yahoo!'s website to the league's Fantasy Games section, the official game count is subject to change. If you're interested in competition we've got plenty of it.

Regardless of whether a game is official (results lead directly to championship points) or unofficial (results lead to bonus points, which have a limit to the number of which can factor into a member's championship total), it will be linked from the Fantasy Games section. From there you'll either be sent to a game run on the league website or through Yahoo!. If the game is on the league website, you'll need to register via the sign up link on the game page before participating. If the game is run through Yahoo!, you'll need to get the ASFL2 group or league ID and password to join a group or league with fellow ASFL2 members. Necessary IDs and passwords will be posted to the ASFL2 front page, league message board, and made available in each members' profile. If you join a game when the information is only available on the message board, you will earn two bonus points. The league's goal is to have all games run through the league website in the future.

Start the registration process by giving your name and some other basic information. All fields are required aside from your birth month and birth day, the year is required.

You'll be led through a synopsis of how the league works while signing up, but make sure you've skimmed the rules before getting started. All links will open in a new window.

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