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ASFL2 Keeper Leagues - Bid for a Team

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Baseball View Bids October 26th-March 10th
Basketball View Bids May 1st-September 20th
Football View Bids January 20th-August 15th
Hockey View Bids May 1st-October 10th

Use the links above to bid for a team in each sport. The "View Bids" link will have a list of all members to make bids as well as a list of teams likely to be available; any team marked as "Team #" will always be available.

When determining who receives a team and who doesn't, I try to answer the question, "Who is most likely to stick around after receiving a team?"

Once I've answered that, I determine who gets what team based a few criteria:
  • Past performance in the specific game
  • Past performance in all ASFL2 draft games
  • Past overall ASFL2 performance
  • Planned participation in Keeper Leagues games (Baseball, Basketball, Football & Hockey)
  • Bonus Point totals and other contributions to the league
  • Post Count
  • Message Board Log-In Time
  • Length of membership in ASFL2

Remember, the higher up the divisional ladder (from the largest numbered division at the bottom to the premier division at the top), the better the bid needs to be. If you're bidding for a divisional placing with more than one opening, make sure to list the teams you prefer in order.

Signing up is free, you are under no obligation to pay for a team, but donations are accepted as part of a bid for a team in order to help cover league costs and time spent.

Current members are allowed to bid for teams higher up the divisional ladder than their current team, but their bid will not be accepted unless three criteria are met:
  1. The member has at least one team in another game at the divisional level being bid for or higher (usually at least two will be required)
  2. The bid is better than all bids submitted from new members.
  3. The bid includes a donation.

The last note you need to know before submitting your bid, is that accuracy and proving you can use the website is equally important to the strength of the criteria in your bid.

Remember to update your bid as the bid deadline approaches.