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ASFL2 Money League - Legal Disclaimer

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Statement of Parties

The All-Sports Fantasy League, also referred to as "ASFL2", or any future rebranding not yet updated on this page shall provide a service in the form of a fantasy sports league for the entertainment of those who apply for and/or purchase a team through the "ASFL2 Money Leagues" section. If the league is not able to place the purchaser into an individual fantasy league once payment is received, the league will refund the money received from the purchaser via the method the money was given to the league, unless otherwise agreed upon, as soon as the league can. Possible delays should only be limited to those caused by bank movement (withdrawals or transfers between accounts) policies. Barring any such delay, the league will attempt to refund the purchaser's money on the day of the last known fantasy league formation or the start of the season of the league's sport in question, whichever comes second. The policy on refund processing will also apply to the sending out of winnings.

The purchaser shall abide by the rules set forth on this page and throughout this website in order to ensure that his payment (or future winnings) is not forfeited based on his failure to follow the procedures given by the All-Sports Fantasy League. This will include asking for a refund of amounts paid in a situation not presented as acceptable on this page. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to read the guidelines set forth by the league for participation.

By participating in an ASFL2 contest, the participant agrees to hold the All-Sports Fantasy League harmless as well as its sponsors, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors or representatives from any liability whatsoever for any claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with an ASFL2 contest or acceptance, possession or use of any prize.

The league reserves the right to alter the guidelines below and game rules as it deems fair and/or necessary through the course of a season provided a warning has been given in season and feedback on the decision is not overwhelmingly negative. However, the league strives to keep guideline and rules alterations to times which see the changes not affect any games running at the time.


There is no limit to the number of entries purchased for any sport/game/pool or any year, but a member cannot have multiple entries in an individual fantasy league of one of the four draft sports provided (Baseball, Basketball, Football or Hockey). Any other games offered can have this requirement waived if written into the rules for a particular game. If a participant is found to have illegally placed two teams in the same league through any means he will forfeit all potential winnings. Furthermore, any attempt to deliberately damage the ASFL2 website or any website used in connection with ASFL2 in any form is in violation of criminal law and will see ASFL2 seek damages to the fullest extent of the law.

An entry is received once the party entering has filled out a purchase form. Between the initial form and the fulfillment of the entry, the entrant can modify their requested settings where applicable by clicking on their name on the contest's respective participants list page. An entry is fulfilled once the commissioner has placed the enterer into a league based on the guidelines from the enterer on their purchase form or once the enterer has joined a pre-set league. If the league has a difficult time fitting the guidelines given it may contact the enterer to attempt to find a solution that works for both parties. Once money is received and the enterer has been placed in a league or has joined a league in Yahoo! there will not be a refund issued unless the league the enterer was placed in is disbanded. If a member is placed in a league, but misses the draft for any reason, a refund will not be issued.

As of this writing, payments will be accepted via PayPal, Western Union & mailed check. The league must receive the full entry amount for any transaction, the entrant must accept or pay extra for any associated transaction fees. Any other mode of payment can be requested of the league via email. You will be given an address to send any checks to upon completion of your purchase form. The league hopes to add methods of payment in the future.

Only individuals who have reached legal age in their respective jurisdiction are eligible to enter a contest run by this website. An individual who has yet to reach legal age in their respective jurisdiction can only enter with permission from a parent or legal guardian. Void where prohibited by law.

Entries into our four draft games run through Yahoo!'s fantasy sports section may result in a participant needing to link their ID to an ASFL2 Yahoo! ID so that ASFL2 can view the fantasy league involved to be able to update standings on the ASFL2 website. No ASFL2 representative will alter the team of an entrant at any point in time, even if asked to. This may result in a participant having to draft their team through an ASFL2 Yahoo! ID, should that be the case the participant will be given as much warning as possible along with an ID and password log-in.

Entry Replacement: In the applicable games, the league will set a deadline for participants to join their designated league on Yahoo! or face a replacement of their entry and forfeiture of any paid entry fee. If the participant does not get into their league by the deadline the league will find a replacement or run a vacant team in the replaced participant's void.

Non-Gambling Declaration: These contests are games of skill. As per laws and bills passed since the advent of fantasy sports on the internet, they are not lumped in with gambling games of chance such as those found in a casino. Game winners earn their rewards based on their skills in the particular game they succeed in according to the rules of said game. Offers to play games and win prizes are void in all jurisdictions where prohibited.


All winners shall be solely responsible for any federal, state or other tax liabilities if applicable. All entries are void where prohibited by law.

Once winners are determined, the league will publish winners and the amounts earned via the league website. Once published, all winners must contact the league with their preferred method of reimbursement between the methods of payment the league offers. Once notified the league will attempt to send payment via the preferred method within a week. Possible delays should only be limited to those caused by bank movement (withdrawals or transfers between accounts) policies. Barring any such delay, the league will attempt to send out winnings on the first available week day. Some time may also be permitted to allow for other winnings to be sent out for the same game in question.

Other Disclaimers

Disruption: The ASFL2 is not responsible for any disruption of a game that was caused by an event out of the league's control. This can include problems with other website domains, professional sports work stoppages or strikes or even ASFL2 website downtime not caused by an ASFL2 representative.
Should a game become disrupted the league will react as soon as possible to determine a fair solution going forward and will make that solution public as soon as possible. The course of action is to be determined solely by ASFL2. Should a work stoppage or strike cancel a professional sports season, all money will be refunded to entrants. Should the league website go down during a slow draft run on the league website all drafts will be paused at the time it is pointed out to the league. Leagues will continue to be paused until the system can be updated to reflect appropriate time delays.

Affiliation or Associated Websites: ASFL2 is not affiliated with or endorsed by any professional sports league or Yahoo! Sports in any way and is not responsible for any printing or typographical errors involved in a game run by ASFL2 that happen outside of the ASFL2 website.

Participant Interaction: ASFL2 strongly encourages participant interaction to better the experience for all involved, particularly through the ASFL2 Message Board, but requires that all participants remain respectful while participating in a league contest. Should a participant be deemed unruly, the league reserves the right to remove that participant without refund.

Collusion: Any participants found to be operating their entry in a dishonest way, be it via unfair trading, unfair lineup setting or any other actions along those lines, will be removed and have their winnings and/or entry fee forfeited.

Rules Agreement: Once again, by submitting an entry, all participants agree to abide by all rules set forth by the All-Sports Fantasy Leagues for its competitions available in all incarnations. The participant and only the participant is responsible for reading, understanding and following the rules, including but not limited to, game, draft, winnings collection and entry procedures. If a participant finds an item on the league website to be confusing or otherwise needs further clarification it is their responsibility to contact the league for clarification.

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