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ASFL2 Donations

I've never been good at asking people to give me money, but the only revenue this website generates is from the banner and text ads throughout it which isn't enough to cover the costs for the website domain name and hosting package as well as the league trophies.

I typically spend around 40 hours a week working on the league with some particularly busy weeks taking up about 60 hours or more of my time. Its become a full-time job without the paycheck. I can handle it at this point in my life while I try to finish up college and find a career, but at some point in order for me to continue to run the league I'll have to be paying at least one bill with the money earned.

I've never expected money from members in return, though it is appreciated when received. I'm always looking for ideas to make money with the website be it via sponsorship ideas or anything else. A little donation from all who join could go a long way. Through the end of 2008 240 different members had joined. Five dollars from each member would amount to $1,200; ten dollars would be $2,400. If a dollar was donated for each non-message board game participated in per member over the 2008-2009 season, $1,117 would have been raised. Even just a dollar each per member per season would cover the costs of the website.

I don't plan on ever charging for league membership, but donating a small amount yearly can go a long way. If you were spending money on fantasy sports and find yourself spending less now that you've joined ASFL, you can help by donating the difference or some part of it.

To contribute you can email me for my physical address or click the link below to use paypal to donate.

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