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Due in part to murmurs of interest in keeper leagues and a desire to increase the activity of the website as a whole, the commissioner elected to create a series of ASFL2 Keeper Leagues with an overall points competition to mirror (but not influence) the main ASFL2 competition. The ASFL2 Keeper Leagues started with the 2009-2010 season, with Fantasy Baseball being the first sport.

A Keeper League is a fantasy league where each team in the league will be able to keep a set amount of players after the end of each season to carry over on the same team into the next season. Non-Keeper Leagues can also be called re-draft leagues as theres no necessitated roster carry over from season to season. This is the only difference between the two types of leagues. The rules of fantasy baseball, basketball, football and hockey still apply as if the keeper leagues were re-draft leagues. The roster positions are the same, the stat categories and scoring are the same and the daily transactions aren't otherwise affected.

The ASFL2 Keeper Leagues will cover Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Football and Fantasy Hockey. It is only possible to have a keeper league for a fantasy sport that involves a draft. Should Yahoo! add another draft sport in the future, it will be put under consideration for addition to the set of games.

Each league in the ASFL2 Keeper Leagues will be composed of 14 teams where possible. In order to keep there from being a limit on the number of members able to participate, there will be multiple levels of leagues throughout each sport, with members being promoted and relegated through them based on their performance from year-to-year. This set up will also help keep members competing against members of about the same caliber and not those well above their head. The original league designations were determined based on a variety of factors as of March 1st, 2009. Those who join after the fact will be placed based on there ASFL2 Championship performances, activity in the league and the openings available in the ASFL2 Keeper Leagues at the time.

Rule Categories

Signing Up
ASFL2 Keeper Leagues Championship Scoring
The Drafts
Promotion & Relegation Set-Up
Player Keeping Rules
ASFL2 Keeper Leagues Timeline
Reasons for Removal

The Prize

The ASFL2 Keeper Leagues overall champion will win this cup trophy that inspired the ASFL2 Keeper Leagues section color scheme. The runner-up will likely also win a slightly smaller version, depending on league funds. The third place finisher may also receive a trophy.

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