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ASFL2 Rules - ASFL2 Game Scoring

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ASFL2 Fantasy Game Scoring Index

College Bowl Pickem
College Football Pickem
Fantasy Baseball
Fantasy Basketball
Fantasy Football
Fantasy Golf
Fantasy Hockey
Fantasy NASCAR
Fantasy NFL Playoffs
Fantasy Premier League
NCAA Tournament Pickem
NFL Locks
NFL Pickem
Playoffs Pickem
Salary Cap Football
Standings Pickem

The ASFL2 points awarded within each game are subject to change each year as a result of analysis of each season's results, the number of members entered and a re-evaluation of the game versus the other games in ASFL2. These changes may be made prior to a game's completion, but will not happen retroactively. Once a game is scored, the scores are set for that season. If a game has not been scored, it's scoring format is still subject to change, usually with some warning given on the league message board or website.