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The concept of the ASASFL leagues was born in June 2008 in hopes of having an elite competition among ASFL2 members to have the top performers each season compete against each other directly instead of against the other 150+ members at large.

Each league will consist of 14 qualifiers based on the previous ASFL2 season's results. ASASFL leagues will compete in the four draft sports only, no other fantasy games will be used.

The top league will be called the Champions League, the second league will be called the Super League and the final ASASFL league will be activity based and be referred to as the Third League. No member will be able to qualify for both the Champions League and Super League, but member's will be able to qualify for either of those two leagues and the Third League.

Rule Categories

The Drafts

The Prize

The ASASFL Champions League's overall champion will win this cup trophy that inspired the ASASFL section color scheme. The runner-up, Super League Champion and Third League Champion will likely also receive a slightly smaller version, depending on league funds. The Champions League third place finisher and Super & Third League runners-up may also receive trophies depending on league funds.

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