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The All-Sports Fantasy League is a fantasy sports compeition covering 9 different sports with 24 different official fantasy games. The better your result in a specific fantasy game the more championship points you earn. The more important the fantasy game, the more championship points are available to be earned. There are five tiers of games with the top tier being worth the most points and having the most popular games (Baseball & Football) and the fifth tier being worth the least points. The member who earns the most points from the 24 games over the 18 month season is crowned ASFL2 champion. Members are also separated into geographic conferences to have an extra competition for members to try to win.

All-Sports Fantasy League is normally refered to by the acronym ASFL2. The "2" is added to differentiate this league from the original league run on this website, the American Simulation Fotball League, which is no longer accepting applications. ASFL2 games are either run through's fantasy sports website or they're run through the league's fantasy games website. The breakdown of which game is run where is given below with all linked to their proper location on the left side of the Fantasy Games website.

The league is free to join, but donations are appreciated as ads on the website are the only income for the league to offset the costs of the website, website hosting and league trophies. You aren't required to participate in every game the league offers. Though participating in all games is strongly encouraged, each game you choose not to participate in decreases your chances of winning the ASFL2 championship.

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How it Works

A new ASFL2 season starts each January and ends in June of the following year. The inaugural season started January 3rd, 2008 and ended on June 14, 2009. Due to each season being eighteen months long, two separate ASFL2 seasons will run concurrently each year from January through mid-June.

There are 10 league fantasy games run through Yahoo!;
There are 12 more run through the league website,

The game list is subject to change and can be altered before (or during if there is strife in the sports world) each season. The games are separated into tiers based on quality and popularity. The higher the tier (tier 1 being the highest), the more points a game is worth.

If you're sick of seeing the fantasy leagues you join feature 50% inactivity by midseason, this is the league for you. Teams on the bottom can still earn points by moving up the league standings and improving other peripheral stats, giving them plenty of motivation to keep playing.

There is no limit on the number of people that can join ASFL2. Draft-oriented leagues will be capped at 12-14 teams per league, with more than one ASFL2 league being run in each fantasy game. Assistant commissioners will be responsible for keeping order in leagues that the commissioner doesn't have a team in. In doing so, the assistant commissioners will link their own private Yahoo! ID's to ASFL2 ID's which the commissioner will use to view the league and keep track of ASFL2 championship points earned through all leagues.

When a non-draft fantasy game is made available on Yahoo! the commissioner will register the ASFL2 groups and post the first group's ID and password available on the message board. After a few days the ID and password will be put on the league website's front page and, depending on the game, emailed in a league newsletter and/or posted on the Yahoo! message board of other fantasy games that are currently running.

When a fantasy game that involves a draft (baseball, basketball, football or hockey) opens on Yahoo!, the commissioner will set up the number of leagues he feels will adequately service all ASFL2 members. Once they are set up, available live draft times will be posted on the league message board and after a few days they will be emailed as well for members to inform the commissioner of their preferred draft times. Usually a week to two weeks of receiving preferences will pass before the commissioner places members into one of the available ASFL2 leagues with members being able to ask for a league switch if it turns out they can't make the draft time. All ASFL2 leagues are in head-to-head format with one or two autopick drafts to accompany as many live drafts as are needed. You aren't required to participate in all four sports, but you are required to inform the commissioner if you plan on not participating in a sport. If you fail to inform the commissioner of your plans to not participate you can be locked out of other draft games or removed from non-draft games at the commissioner's discretion. Those who fail to give their intentions for Fantasy Hockey & Fantasy Basketball will be locked out of Fantasy Football. If you can't respond via email, you can let the commissioner know which games you plan on participating in by updating your member profile.

When a game becomes available on the league website, the commissioner will post the game thread on the league message board for the new season announcing the games availability before announcing it on the front page of the league website. To participate in any game run via the league website, go to the "Sign Up" link and enter your name and password as they are in the league members database. After signing up, you'll be able to utilize all features of the game. Non-ASFL2 members are also able to participate in games on the website, but they're excluded from the calculations for championship points or bonus points. Assistants are usually needed to help the league run games on the website. Those that do help out receive bonus points. They're usually needed to help update game scores from around the sports world and make sure schedules are correct. The more an assistant does, the more bonus points they earn. Even if you're participation, but not assisting, please help the league check for any errors. Between the four major leagues in North America there are roughly 4,000 regular season games. That leaves plenty of room for mistakes by a crew of one. If you notice an error, please contact the commissioner immediately. Any errors that impact a game's scoring and subsequently it's championship points (or bonus points) awarding will need to be fixed before the championship points are in the system. At that point, game results will be considered final.

During the season, the commissioner will be keeping a log of points earned and updating the ASFL2 Standings with the points earned on the league website as they are earned. Most games have points earned on a weekly basis, but whenever a fantasy game finishes, you'll need to check the website to see how many points you earned and where you are in the new standings.

The Prizes

At the end of each season, the ASFL2 champion, runner-up and third place finisher will receive metal cup trophies to commemorate their achievement, so long as league funds allow.