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ASFL2 Money Leagues - Rules


The ASFL2 Money Leagues were created in early 2010 to expand the league's portfolio of offerings and to raise funds for the league in order to help keep it's longterm viability alive. The ASFL2 Money Leagues were created to hopefully help entrants achieve a higher level of fantasy game experience than would normally be felt without money involved. The funds raised through the ASFL2 Money Leagues will serve to cover the costs of running the league website as well as to serve as some compensation for the countless hours spent working on it throughout the years as a one-man operation and going forward. If not for the Money Leagues, a free ASFL2 simply wouldn't be possible.

The ASFL2 Money Leagues section will offer competition for five fantasy games and two game pools. The fantasy games include- baseball, basketball, football, hockey and the NCAA tournament. The two games for which pools will be provided are the Super Bowl and the BCS National Championship Game.

Currently, we can only accept payments via paypal (at, Western Union or mailed check, cash or money order, but we are hoping to expand our capabilities in the future. If you wish to pay through another method you can contact the league with your requested method. The league must receive the full payment amount for any entry, the entrant must accept or pay extra for any associated transaction fees.

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