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2012-2013 Top 10
Jay Soester
Brad Wilson
Nathan Susanto
Brad Duff
Greg Krause
Chad Gumm
Steve Steffy
Anders Nilsson
John Wright
Nenad Mitevski
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Patrick Cooley
1st Place (196 Points)
Nenad Mitevski
2nd Place (194 Points)
Aaron Freeman
3rd Place (191 Points)
Joe Hiegel
4th Place (180 Points)
Jay Soester
5th Place (180 Points)
Tom Buske
6th Place (179 Points)
David Cords
7th Place (178 Points)
Jeffery Murowsky
8th Place (176 Points)
Mike Brekke
9th Place (176 Points)
Nathan Susanto
10th Place (174 Points)
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League News
MLB Day-to-Day Pickem Week 14 DMUs Set
9:51 PM ET on 7/5/15 by Jay Soester
There are 13 MLB Day-to-Day Pickem DMU games this week. Below are the chosen games with their current probable starters.

Week 14 DMU Games

July 6th
John Lackey (6-5, 3.30)STL@CHCJon Lester (4-6, 3.74)
Jonathon Niese (3-8, 3.90)NYM@SFChris Heston (8-5, 3.78)

July 7th
Robbie Ray (2-4, 2.55)ARI@TEXYovani Gallardo (7-6, 2.56)
Kevin Gausman (1-0, 3.09)BAL@MINKyle Gibson (6-6, 3.04)
Kyle Ryan (1-2, 4.55)DET@SEATaijuan Walker (7-6, 4.34)

July 8th
Ubaldo Jiménez (7-4, 2.96)BAL@MINTommy Milone (4-1, 3.02)
José Fernández (1-0, 4.50)MIA@BOSWade Miley (8-7, 4.53)
Michael Wacha (10-3, 2.66)STL@CHCJason Hammel (5-4, 2.89)
Drew Hutchison (8-2, 5.23)TOR@CWSJohn Danks (4-8, 4.95)

July 9th
Garrett Richards (9-5, 3.35)LAA@SEAFélix Hernández (10-5, 3.02)

July 12th
Jesse Hahn (6-6, 3.35)OAK@CLECorey Kluber (3-9, 3.64)

Make sure to get your picks in for Monday by 7:05 PM EST.

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Friday Website Downtime
1:32 AM ET on 7/4/15 by Jay Soester
Let me begin by apologizing for the website downtime on Friday. It was down for somewhere around eight hours.

I've honored all picks that were emailed to me. I've credited those who would normally make a pick in MLB Day-to-Day Pickem with a pass for Friday if they did not make a pick. There didn't seem to be any issues in CFL Pickem. If you need to make a pick and the website isn't cooperating at any point in time, you can always email your pick to

Why was the website down?
The hosting company created a technical ticket for me on June 29th out of the blue saying there was a folder with too many files in it. A fairly reasonable request, but the folder and files were created over five years ago when I was a beta tester for OOTP9 & OOTPX, I had no reason to expect any issue. It's not the first time they've made a request for me to change something about the website and I'm sure it won't be the last. The server for this website is shared among many websites and the hosting company felt the size of the folder was degrading the server's performance in this instance.

When the hosting company creates technical tickets, their system automatically sends an email. Unfortunately, I've been having issues with the means I typically access the email address they sent the ticket to for the past week. That rendered me completely unaware of the issue until the website was down. As soon as I saw the issue, I rectified it and notified them of the fix. The hosting company told me the website would be back up within an hour or at worst in a few hours. I followed up with three every other hour from that point for six hours until the website came back around 6:20 PM ET, over eight hours after I fixed the issue.

You can also follow updates whenever the site is down via @asfl2 on Twitter. Hopefully that will be increasingly rare going forward.

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CFL Week 1 Results
12:27 AM ET on 7/1/15 by Jay Soester
Steve Steffy had the high score for week 1 of CFL Pickem with 155 points. Steffy beat Dario Ambrozewiez by 4 pts. Nathan Susanto (102), David Cords (99), and Andrew Maher (92) rounded out the top five. Steve Steffy and Dario Ambrozewiez tied for the best pick record for the week at 3-1. A group of four participants went 2-2.

It was a below average week collectively as the average score was 85.71 pts. The average pick record was 1.50-2.50 (37.5%). A total of three participants reached 100 points.

Make sure to get your picks in for next week before the start of each game.
Thursday July 2nd - 8:30 PM ET - HAM at WPG
Friday July 3rd - 7:30 PM ET - CGY at MTL
Saturday July 4th - 6:00 PM ET - BC at OTT
Sunday July 5th - 3:30 PM ET - TOR at SSK

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Fantasy Formula 1 - British GP Preview
4:14 PM ET on 6/29/15 by Nathan Susanto
The 2015 Formula 1 continues this weekend with round nine at Silverstone. Nico Rosberg has upped the pressure on teammate and championship leader Lewis Hamilton by claiming victory in Austria last time out, his third win in the last four grands prix. He'll be looking to continue his strong run and make amends on Hamilton's home turf after technical problems ended his bid last year.

With the track drying, Nico Rosberg snatched pole position in 2014. The race was red flagged on the opening lap, though, when Kimi Räikkönen crashed. After the restart, Rosberg led the early stages but he was slowly being reeled in by Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg then retired with gearbox failure, handing the lead to his teammate. Hamilton went on to secure victory ahead of Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo.

Remember to make your game picks in the 2015 Fantasy Formula 1 thread before the deadline of Saturday, July 4th at 8 AM ET, when qualifying begins. Here we run down some British GP facts and season stats.

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MLB Day-to-Day Pickem Week 13 DMUs Set
9:51 PM ET on 6/28/15 by Jay Soester
There are 13 MLB Day-to-Day Pickem DMU games this week. Below are the chosen games with their current probable starters.

Week 13 DMU Games

June 29th
Joe Blanton (2-0, 1.73)KC@HOULance McCullers (3-2, 2.33)

June 30th
Danny Salazar (6-3, 4.06)CLE@TBErasmo Ramírez (6-2, 4.23)
Carlos Frías (5-5, 4.31)LAD@ARIRubby De La Rosa (6-3, 4.69)

July 1st
Chad Bettis (4-2, 3.56)COL@OAKJesse Hahn (5-6, 3.47)
Taijuan Walker (6-6, 4.64)SEA@SDJames Shields (7-2, 4.24)
Doug Fister (3-3, 4.15)WAS@ATLMatt Wisler (1-1, 3.75)
Edinson Vólquez (8-4, 3.18)KC@HOUVincent Velásquez (0-0, 3.72)

July 2nd
Yovani Gallardo (6-6, 2.98)TEX@BALWei-Yin Chen (3-4, 2.90)
Chris Rusin (3-2, 4.69)COL@ARIJeremy Hellickson (5-5, 5.38)

July 5th
Erasmo Ramírez (6-2, 4.23)TB@NYYMichael Pineda (8-4, 4.25)
Mike Montgomery (2-2, 2.04)SEA@OAKSonny Gray (9-3, 2.09)
Jorge De La Rosa (4-3, 5.15)COL@ARIRubby De La Rosa (6-3, 4.69)
C.J. Wilson (5-6, 3.92)LAA@TEXColby Lewis (7-3, 4.10)

Make sure to get your picks in for Monday by 7:00 PM EST.

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Newsletter #24
12:03 AM ET on 6/25/15 by Jay Soester
Newsletter #24 is now out. It covers the seven games available plus the three football money leagues and the potential for money league pools with the pickem games in the fall. I also mentioned my planned/hoped website improvements.

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Fantasy Football Available
10:42 PM ET on 6/23/15 by Jay Soester
Fantasy Football is available for the 2015-2016 season. There will be 12 free leagues and limited spots remain after renewals. I'll add a few more leagues if demand merits it.

Available Draft Times
Wednesday, August 26th at 9 PM ET (LG9) - Currently Full
Saturday, August 29th at 3:30 PM ET (LG10)
Monday, August 31st at 10 PM ET (LG4)
Tuesday, September 1st at 10:30 PM ET (LG3)
Wednesday, September 2nd at 9:15 PM ET (LG2)
Thursday, September 3rd at 8:30 PM ET (LG11)*
Saturday, September 5th at 5 PM ET (LG5)
Sunday, September 6th at 4 PM ET (LG6)
Monday, September 7th at 9:45 PM ET (LG8)
Tuesday, September 8th at 8:45 PM ET (LG12)*
Wednesday, September 9th at 9 PM ET (LG1)
& an autopick (LG7)

You can use the links above to join another league and/or switch leagues. Feel free to join more than one league.

To those participating, please vote on the proposed rule changes: weekly waivers and flex spots.

League 11 and League 12 will have the alternate rules regardless of the decision. League 11 will also be a PPR league, while I've let the assistant commissioner decide on whether or not LG12 will also be PPR. If I create a 13th league, it will follow the same rules as League 11.

Money Leagues
I've also set up three Money Leagues- two $25 leagues and one $50 league.

$25 Money League 1 - Draft at 5 PM ET on Saturday, August 29th.
$25 Money League 2 - Draft at 6:30 PM ET on Sunday, September 6th.
$50 Money League 3 - Draft at 7:30 PM ET on Sunday, August 30th.

All leagues are currently standard Money Leagues rules, but are up for vote between those participating. The draft times and dates can be sorted out collectively as well. You're welcome to join one, two or all three leagues if interested. I can accept payments via PayPal or check if sent early enough.

Other Games Available:
MLB Day-to-Day Pickem
CFL Pickem
NASL Pickem
Fantasy Formula 1

Fantasy Golf (ID: 3312/Password: 123456)
Fantasy NASCAR (ID: 12436/Password: 123456)

I hope to begin work on NFL Pickem, NFL Locks and College Football Pickem this week.

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Proposed Fantasy Football Rule Changes
11:48 PM ET on 6/22/15 by Jay Soester
After some experimenting in one league last season, I'm offering up a permanent change to the ASFL2 default Fantasy Football settings going forward.

Would you like to see weekly waivers introduced to our leagues?
  • No - Keep Free Agency unless the player has just been released.
  • Yes - Have a full Waiver Period from an individual player's Game Time to Tuesday

& Would you like to see a flex spot replace one of the three current WR spots?
  • No - Keep the Lineup as it currently is.
  • Yes - Drop a WR Spot for a W/R Flex
  • Yes - Drop a WR Spot for a W/R/T Flex

You must use the league message board to vote in polls. If you're having trouble logging in, please email me.

There is a longer description for each proposal within the poll itself.

These polls will be out for roughly 60 days, but the available Fantasy Football leagues should be announced on Tuesday.

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