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Jay Soester
Brad Wilson
Nathan Susanto
Brad Duff
Greg Krause
Chad Gumm
Steve Steffy
Anders Nilsson
John Wright
Nenad Mitevski
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Patrick Cooley
1st Place (196 Points)
Nenad Mitevski
2nd Place (194 Points)
Aaron Freeman
3rd Place (191 Points)
Joe Hiegel
4th Place (180 Points)
Jay Soester
5th Place (180 Points)
Tom Buske
6th Place (179 Points)
David Cords
7th Place (178 Points)
Jeffery Murowsky
8th Place (176 Points)
Mike Brekke
9th Place (176 Points)
Nathan Susanto
10th Place (174 Points)
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League News
Premier League Week 28 Preview
4:27 PM ET on 4/17/15 by Nathan Susanto
With the FA Cup semifinals taking place this weekend, week 28 of the 2014-2015 English Premier League season has a streamlined look.

The slate includes leaders Chelsea taking on Manchester United. A victory for Chelsea would emphasize their status as champions-elect, but a win for United might give the chasing pack a glimmer of hope.

At the other end of the table, Leicester and Burnley have the opportunity to move out of the relegation zone when they clash with Swansea and Everton respectively.

Remember to make your Premier League Pickem predictions before the deadline of each game. Week 28's schedule begins on Saturday with four 10 AM ET kickoffs. The day's final game is at 12:30 PM ET. The week ends with two Sunday fixtures, the first at 8:30 AM ET and the second at 11 AM ET.

Note that the Yahoo! Fantasy Premier League game's deadline is on Saturday, 9 AM ET.

Here we preview the seven games in the upcoming week of the English Premier League.

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Money Leagues NCAA Tournament Winnings
12:09 AM ET on 4/15/15 by Jay Soester
Congrats to Chris Prentice for taking the top spot in our ASFL2 Money Leagues $5 NCAA Tournament Pickem Pool.

Prentice's winning total of 107 was the best total since the scoring changed in 2012 and earned him $207. He edged out last year's champ, Thomas Courtney, and Joseph Alperto at 103 points. Courtney won the tiebreaker for the second spot and $55 while Alperto settled for $27.50. This is Courtney's second season in a row finishing in second place. John Tabaska (101 points), Todd Pfander (99), Brandon Moore (99), and Robert Goldenberg (98) finished fourth through seventh to earn their entry fee back for finishing in the top 10% of the 73 paid entries, but outside of the top three. Had Wisconsin won the championship game, Courtney would have topped the pool with Tabaska in second and Pfander in third.

First Place: Chris Prentice ($207)
Second Place: Thomas Courtney ($55)
Third Place: Joseph Alperto ($27.50)
4th Place: John Tabaska ($5)
5th Place: Todd Pfander ($5)
6th Place: Brandon Moore ($5)
7th Place: Robert Goldenberg ($5)

Thank you to everyone that participated.

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Fantasy Formula 1 - Bahrain GP Preview
4:42 PM ET on 4/14/15 by Nathan Susanto
The 2015 Formula 1 season moves on to round 4 with the Bahrain GP taking place this weekend. Lewis Hamilton got back on the top step of the podium with victory in China on Sunday ahead of his Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg. The Malaysian GP winner, Sebastian Vettel, joined the Silver Arrows drivers on the rostrum for the third time this season.

Nico Rosberg earned his second successive Bahrain pole in 2014 but Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton beat him into turn one. At the end of the first stint Rosberg attacked Hamilton for the lead but the Brit battled back to regain the advantage. A safety car looked as if it would give Rosberg, on the faster tire, the upper hand in the closing 11 laps but after a titanic tussle it was Hamilton who prevailed. Sergio Pérez came home a distant third.

Remember to make your game picks in the 2015 Fantasy Formula 1 thread before the deadline of Saturday, April 18th at 11 AM ET, when qualifying begins. Here we run down some Bahrain GP facts and season stats.

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NASL Pickem Week 2 Game Odds
10:43 AM ET on 4/11/15 by Jay Soester
Game Day Odds

First, congrats to UnSub_Dan (TB) and sportzfrk (JAX) for winning week 1 with 19 points. UnSub_Dan's win was even more impressive with him having missed the first game of week 1.

Make sure to submit your week 2 picks before the four Saturday kickoffs at 7:30 ET.

I know some have had issues coming back and submitting picks. Those that aren't registered for the website can't use the log-in feature for the website. If you're not a member of the website, the "Submit Your Picks" page has a log-in gate to it. If you're having issues, please email me. In a worst case scenario, you can email and/or message me your picks and I'll put them in the system for this week then walk you through the process for next week.

As of 10:20 AM ET with 37 out of 46 pick sets for NASL Pickem submitted....

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First MLB Postponement
11:01 PM ET on 4/7/15 by Jay Soester
In 2010, it took 234 games before a postponement on April 23rd. This season it took two days. The Cardinals-Cubs contest on Tuesday was the first reschedule of the season. The make up date has yet to be announced, which means the two members who picked the Cardinals in MLB Day-to-Day Pickem on Tuesday need to pick a new game from the next three days (4/8, 4/9 or 4/10).

To change a postponed pick, use the "Change Postponed Pick" link on the game page. On any postponed game, if the game isn't scheduled and completed within three days of its original date anyone who hasn't fixed their pick will be credited with a "PPD Expire" and be scored for the day as if it were a normal incorrect pick.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please email me and/or use the game thread.

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Fantasy Formula 1 - Chinese GP Preview
7:01 AM ET on 4/6/15 by Nathan Susanto
The third flyaway race of the 2015 Formula 1 season is this weekend, taking place in Shanghai, China. Sebastian Vettel gave Mercedes something to think about by claiming victory in Malaysia last time out. Championship leader, Lewis Hamilton, and Nico Rosberg will look to hit back at a venue where they've both been victorious in the Silver Arrows.

In 2014, Lewis Hamilton stormed to pole and he was never headed on race day. Behind him there was heavy contact between Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa and Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas also clashed but they all escaped serious damage. Alonso moved up into second ahead of the Red Bulls but Rosberg scythed through the field. The Mercedes eventually got past the Ferrari to secure another Silver Arrows 1-2, ahead of Alonso. The race results were taken two laps early after the checkered flag was erroneously shown on lap 55.

Remember to make your game picks in the 2015 Fantasy Formula 1 thread before the deadline of Saturday, April 11th at 3 AM ET, when qualifying begins. Here we run down some Chinese GP facts and season stats.

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MLB Day-to-Day Pickem Week 1 Preview
8:08 PM ET on 4/4/15 by Andy Nemecek

A new season of MLB Day-to-Day Pickem is ready to begin. If you haven't signed up already, you can do that HERE. Pick one team to win each day through the MLB regular season. You get points for correct picks and lose points for incorrect picks with correct pick streaks gaining more points as you go. The only catch is you can't pick the same team to win more than twice in a given game week.

For those of you that have not played this game before, here are the RULES. I also have most of the Probable Starters to help in making your picks. I will try and fill in the blanks when they become available. The DMU's (double me up) for the week have also been assigned. You can use these to double your score for the day, either up or down. Opening day is Sunday April 5 starting with St Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs. The rest of the teams start on Monday, so sign up and make your picks today.

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NASL Pickem Available
11:22 PM ET on 3/29/15 by Jay Soester
NASL Pickem is now available. Play for free.

I'm sure the majority of you that frequent this website immediately thought, "What the hell is the NASL?". The North American Soccer League is the second division of soccer in North America and a reincarnation of the famous league from the 70s and early 80s of the same name. I'm a season ticket holder for one of the eleven teams and follow it closely. All of the leagues' games will be broadcast online via ESPN3 this season.

There is no pickem or fantasy game for the league anywhere on the internet. I frequent the subreddit for the league and put out a feeler for a potential game that received enough positive feedback to motivate me to re-purpose the code from Premier League Pickem to create NASL Pickem with an extra feature or two.

How? - The Features

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