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ASFL2 - Aaron Freeman's Profile

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Member Info
Name:Aaron Freeman
Team Name:Avalaunchers
Email:< hidden >
Date Joined:3/11/2009 (3332 days)
Career Points:1680.89 (0.504/day)
Bonus Points:271 (0.081/day)
Total Points:1718.53 (0.515/day)
Birthday:< hidden >
Personal Preferences
Colleges:I graduated from Colorado State, I also follow Michigan, UNC and Syracuse
Sports:Hockey, hands down. I've been getting into european soccer a lot recently though.
Others:I also like Phoenix Coyotes in NHL, Tottenham Hotspur in the EPL and I absolutely hate the Lakers and Yankees.

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Keeper Leagues?:Yes

Game Participation Breakdown
Fantasy Golf:Yes, 2012-2013
Fantasy NASCAR:Yes, 2012-2013
NCAA Tournament Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
MLB Standings Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
Fantasy Baseball:Yes, 2011-2012
Fantasy Football:Yes, 2011-2012
Fantasy Premier League:Yes, 2011-2012
College Football Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
NFL Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
NFL Locks:Yes, 2011-2012
Salary Cap Football:Yes, 2011-2012
NFL Standings Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
Fantasy Hockey:Yes, 2010-2011
NHL Standings Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
MLB Playoffs Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
NBA Standings Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
Fantasy Basketball:Yes, 2010-2011
College Bowl Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
Fantasy NFL Playoffs:Yes, 2011-2012
NFL Playoffs Pickem:Yes, 2011-2012
NHL Playoffs Pickem:Yes, 2009-2010
NBA Playoffs Pickem:Yes, 2009-2010
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